About Us



Who are We ?

The story of Sikkim based renowned Tour and Travel service provider Black Yak Expeditions dates back to more than 2 decades ago. However, it was officially registered in the year of “2017 ” and became part of the Sikkim Tourism industry.

Black Yak Expeditions is a childhood vision of local Youth Puspa Lall Gurung, a young local youth from Sardong West Sikkim, ultimately manifested to reality after years of exploration, hard work, and persistence. Founder Puspa Lall Gurung of Black Yak Expeditions Travel dedicated his golden years to the field of tourism. 

Raising from a normal assistance caterer to an experienced high altitude guide, later on, further expanding himself to a skilled mountaineer. Apart from Sikkim, he traveled, trekked, leaded and accomplished expeditions in popular tourism destinations like Ladakh, Uttarkhand, and Nepal.

Conclusively Black Yak Expeditions is a collective output of 20 years of experience. The Foundation of Black Yak Expedition Travel is concrete of tough experience. We saw failures. We evaluated our trials and errors. We went through the phases of obstructions and provocations, and in the end, it was all worth it. Those trials made us the Black Yak Expeditions, a top-notch local Travel agent in Sikkim ready to make your travel experience a story that you will cherish forever.

From the ashes, we rose to be your most trusted travel pal.

A man works towards a beautiful mountain in sikkim

What We Do ?

With our firm background in travel and tourism industry we create most unique tour packages and custom Itineraries. We suggest and organize trips that not only leads to successful accomplishments but also with great comfort and facilities.

We are expert in organizing High Altitude Treks, Low Altitude Treks, Family Friendly Tours, Expeditions, Adventure Activities Like River Rafting, Rock Climbing, Paragliding in Sikkim and neighbouring countries like Nepal, Ladakh, Bhutan and Uttarkhand.

  • Family Friendly Tours
  • Convenient and affordable Hotel Booking
  • Homestay Booking
  • We organize Mountaineering
  • We Organize Trekkings
  • Luxury Tours Packages
  • Convenient and Secure trip management
  • Flexible Plans and Pricing

Why should you choose us?

 1. As a local, we were fortunate enough to rise in the soil of Sikkim. We know every nook and corner of the Himalayas and Sikkim tourist places. With travel experiences from abroad as well, we know the principles of travel management that enrich the travel experience.

2. Because we are practical. All the activities and services provided by us are closely reviewed, trekked, experienced by organizer.

3. 3. We organize Eco-friendly tours. We educate, promote, and encourage our trekkers to follow a strict protocol. Our services will be positioned very carefully: they will be of extremely high quality, comfortable, informative, and tailored to the client’s needs such that they will enable individuals to have a greater appreciation of the natural environment and its intricacies.

4. When you book with us, we will hire the entire team from the expert local communities. Hence all the opportunities and benefits will go to local youths.

5. We are against cruelty of animals and we ensure that no animals like yaks or horses are mishandled, mistreated or overloaded.

6. We provided morally, ethically, technically experienced, and trained guides, trek leaders, and staff for high altitude treks and well-experienced drivers for local tours and sightseeing.

7. We provided morally, technically experienced and educated guides, trek leaders, and staffs for high altitude treks and well experienced drivers.