Rock Climbing in Yuksom

Rock Climbing in Yuksom

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Yuksom west Sikkim 1780.meters 7 hour’s drive from NJP/ Bagdogra Airport. Via NH Way.


Rock Climbing of Yuksom it is a small town in the State of Sikkim also known as the gateway to Goechala trek, Mt. Kanchenjunga trek and the Yuksom was the ancient first capital of Sikkim also amalgamated its Buddhist heritage and monastery located at an altitude of 1800. Meters. Appx. Rock Name: Moni Hang Rock, surrounding at Yuksom closed to the Yuksom above Khoungtay Village (Yaba Ghaw).

1953 Sir Tenzing Norgay he was climbed Mt, Everest heigh peak in the world from Nepal after return in India a few years later he was leading groups from Darjeeling Himalayan mountaineering institute at HMI. Scene the time Sir Tenzing Norgay he was fined the rock around at Yuksom for basic tranning about rock climbing and mountaineering from Himalayan mountaineering institute (HMI) from Darjeeling at that time sir Tenzing Norgay he used Moni Hang Rock

Yuksom is one of the hottest tourist destinations in West Sikkim also world-famous trek point of Goechala known as the base camp of Goechala trek. Trekker those are interesting for rock-climbing around at Yuksom they climbed Moni  Hang Rock. A few years later scene 2012 myself Puspa Lall Gurung M.D of Black Yak Expeditions and with my cousin and relative from Yuksom khoungtay Village. We start promoted the rock Climbing at Yuksom located at above Yuksom Khangtay Village close to the Yaba Ghaw at an elevation of 1,900.meter. Appx and one hour walk from Yuksom town also at that time we present Name of Rock (Moni Hang Rock).


Why Moni Hang Rock:

To a lesser extent of rock climbing in Sikkim. Also, the Moni Hang Rock is one of the famous rock climbing in west Sikkim Moni Hang has a name of people who belonged to the Limboos Family of (Yaba) Yaba mean “ presence of holiness also senior citizen of our village at Yaba Ghow of Limboos Family and into the rock cave he Made it his truly a amazing house and also on rock he did it meditations and he spent many years into the rock cave after 73 Years old he passed away from his family later on this rock we started promoting rock climbing at Yuksom at that time we consulted about rock name Moni Hang Rock. Also advantage of Moni Hang Rock there are various natural hold like Pinches hold, Pockets hold, Sloppers hold, Side hold, Upper and Undercut hold, Edge hold, foothold, etc. and many types of climbing we do here on Moni Hang rock like Bouldering, Free Climbing, Free Soloing Top Rope Climbing, Lead Climbing and Type of Rippling and Jumaring also Moni Hang Rock is one of the tweetable and unforgettable viewpoint of Yuksom.

Moni Hang Rock required you physically as well as mentally strong, Rock climbing in Sikkim is just the perfect adventure activity for you. It is all about agility, capacity and balance of the Rock climber. Rock climbing in Sikkim top activity offers a huge adrenaline rush but requires one to have prior experience.

Those people are interesting for Rock Climbing in Sikkim we suggest you the Moni Hang Rock is a best rock in Yuksom.

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