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Sikkim Photos With mountain backdrop

Simple Guidance For You In Sikkim.

Sikkim is the home of elegant attractions in North East India. An Indian 22nd State with the smallest population, approximately about 7 lakhs in total. Sikkim has an abundance of natural beauty both in flora and fauna.

Sikkim has become a popular tourist destination in India. The most exciting attractions in the state are the ancient Buddhist monasteries, steep Himalayan mountain passes, high peaks, and beautiful landscapes.

The climate of Sikkim depends on the altitude of the state, and thus you should be careful when choosing your tour package. At some places, you can enjoy the snow or mild winters. While Months like December, January February can be freezing in higher altitudes.

During the monsoon season, Sikkim can experience heavy rainfall too.

Sikkim stands out among India’s top ten tourist destinations due to its natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and pilgrimage places. Sikkim has got many attractions for adventure lovers. There are many trekking options in the state, which is ideal for adventure sports enthusiasts.

Trekking in Sikkim offers various trekking opportunities like hiking, rock climbing, mountaineering, and more. One can even go trekking through the snow-covered mountains of Sikkim.

You can choose trekking tours for a day trip, a week trip, or a month-long holiday. You can decide on a package that suits your need and budget.

Sikkim state offers endless trekking and climbing packages.

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A well-planned tour through trekking will surely make you enjoy your trip to Sikkim. Hence, pick up your dream Sikkim tour packages from our provided categories and contact us.

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