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Looking for a Goechala Trek blog? Your search ends here;

Black Yak Expeditions company specializes in the Goechala trek. Above all, we are inborn mountaineers and know every part of Sikkim. Nature blessed us with an opportunity to be born in the foothills of Mt.Kanchenjunga. So, we started doing the goechala trek at an early age.

Our years of experience on this trial have crafted us as an experienced Goechala trek guide. We have guided more than a thousand tourists on this route in our lifetime.

Black Yak Expeditions is an independent local travel agent from Sikkim. We have expedition-grade trekking equipment’s to make your trekking comfortable. Above all, we have a fantastic team of friendly local staff to guide you on the goechala trek route.

So, our goechala trek blog that you see here contains enough information to get started on this trek. Someone recommended you goechala trek, and you need information! Then we have you covered!

What makes our blog unique and different? We do not hire content writers online. Instead, all our articles come from guides who have years of experience on this route.

Hence, our goechala trek blog contains very authentic information. Our every line and word includes well-researched content. So explore our blog, and if you don’t find what you are looking for; Then, contact us. We will be here to answer all your queries.