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At Black Yak Expeditions, we would like to keep our Website Disclaimer clean and Simple.

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Black Yak Expeditions is a registered Local Travel agent in Sikkim. Our Travel office is in Yuksom West Sikkim (India). We are specialized in organizing tours, trekking, expeditions in Sikkim. If necessary, we also provide a tour guide in Ladakh and Darjeeling.

In this Disclaimer, we would like to clarify that our official Brand name is BLack Yak Expeditions, and our sole official URL is www.blackyakexpeditions.com. To avoid misleading redirection in the future, please carefully examine our Trademark Logo and bookmark our Website URL for later reference.

Due to our catchy brand name and increasing popularity as a local travel agent in Sikkim tourism Industry, some egoistic and envious maniacs have started mimicking our web address and similar brand names.

In this Website Disclaimer, we would like to rectify that, We do not own any other external website, nor are we associated with the agents that use comparable business names. However, if we desire to do so, you shall be notified in this disclaimer section here.

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