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We organise expeditions all over the Himalayas as well the Mountain, expedition is one of the famous adventure activities in the world usually the people know in Indian, and Nepal the Mountain, expedition is difficult adventure sport such as a high is above 6,000 meters to 7,000 meters it is full climbing with your personal climbing gear and expedition equipment like Rope, Snow Bar, Scrub Carabiner, Plain Carabiner, Ice Scrub, ice piton, Rock piton, Ice Axe, Ice Hummer, Butane Gas, Tent, Sleeping Bag, mattress  and your support staff, include climbing guide/Sherpa, cook, potters the Mountain, expedition and the base camp is not moved it is permeant fixed camp the period of climbing and expedition most of the people should be well psychologically prepare and mentally strong the climbing after base camp on the Ice, snow craft and Rock craft the route along the fixed rope is about minimum 15 day and maximum 2 month and more. And we organize the expeditions of different regions from Leh-Ladakh, Uttarkhand ,Manali and Sikkim.

Expeditions in Sikkim

Especially Sikkim exudes lovely mountain hill valley ranges  scenic the plethora high altitude trek expeditions hot sport in Sikkim.Recently Sikkim government  opened the mountain expeditions  peak climbing in Sikkim from west Sikkim and North Sikkim from west Sikkim locality around Dzongri Area Goechala trek route. The expeditions name around Dzongri Area Goechala trek route. Mt Goecha Peak, Mt Tenzingkhang , Mt Jupuno and Mt. Frey Peak surrounding at HMI base came above chaurikhang. This are the mountains offer you psychologically prepare and mentally strong a challenging  climbing expeditions in Sikkim. All this peak you most to be setup high camp and also offer you unforgettable  snow cape mountain  and Mt. kanchendzonja is the stunning views one of them. The best time for climbing and expeditions in sikkin in spring season (March-April to May) and Autumn Season (September-October to November) these month the weather conditions is most favourable fully manage transportations for mountain equipment.

The permit for these Alpine Expeditions is issued by the Home Department. The royalty shall be paid under the Revenue Head of Forest, Environment and Wildlife Management Department.

The following royalty shall be levied for the expedition in Sikkim

For foreigner expedition

USD 500 per team up to 4 member

USD 700 per team up to 8 member and USD 100 for every additional members

For Indian expedition

Rs. 15,000/- per team up to 8 member

Rs. 1500/- for every additional members

For local expeditions

Rs. 5,000/- per team up to 8 member

Rs. 500/- for every additional members

The tour operator shall be responsible for rescue operation if any. The Tourism and Civil Aviation Department, however, shall render all legitimate assistance to the tour operators including coordination with different agencies.

The tour operator conducting expedition shall scrupulously adhere to the code of conduct for eco-tourism in Sikkim and abide by all the terms and conditions laid down by the State Government for conducting the expedition. The code of conduct and terms and conditions will be enclosed with the permit for Alpine Expedition. The violation of any of the conditions and code of conduct shall debar the tour operator from conducting further expedition.

The Tourism and Civil Aviation Department will be responsible for ensuring that the trekking, expedition routes are kept litter free and conduct periodical cleaning operations, if necessary.

The following minimum insurance coverage is compulsory.

  1. Expedition members : Rs. 3 lakhs per member
  2. Camp crews : Rs. 1 lakh per person.
  3. Porters : Rs. 50,000/- per person.
  4. Animals : Rs. 20,000/- per animal.
Open major Peak  in Sikkim
Open Expedition peak in west Sikkim
Name of peak
Location close
01 Goecha Peak 6220. meters D Goechala pass
02 Tenzing-khang 6000. meters D Lamunee came side
O3 Jupuno 6010. meters D+ Thangsing camp side
04 Frey peak 5830. meters AD+ HMI Base camp
Open Expedition peak in North Sikkim
Name of peak
01 Brumkhangse 5815 meters D+ Lachung
02 Lama Angden 5860. meters D+ Lachen
03 Dome Khang 7264. meters D Yuma samdung
04 Nepal Peak 7110. meters D Border India and Nepal