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Rock Climbing In Sikkim

Rock Climbing

yuksom Rock

Rock climbing in Sikkim is another thrilling and challenging sport for those who love and live adventure sport. It involves climbing a natural rock formation or an artificial man-made the rock climbing in Sikkim most of the people should be well psychologically prepared and mentally strong it is moderate difficult the route in every rock in Sikkim also designed specially keeping in mind all the features this place had to offer, this multiple rock sports sport tin Sikkim on the beautiful trails or climbing up and down an intimidating boulder with Combining physical strength and mental focus with study climbing routes, figuring out moves as they go, and then use fill of power, flexibility, movement of body and agility to conquer dizziness heights. With the safety equipment, it depends on open rock. General equipment for rock climbing. like Harness, set, Rope Belay System, Helmet, Chalk, Climbing rock climbing Shoes, Slings, Quick Draws, Nuts, and Camming Devices, Ice Axes Crampons, etc.

Types of rock climbing summary: Aide Climbing, Free Climbing, Rope Climbing, Top Climbing, Lead Climbing, Sport Climbing, Trad Climbing, Un-Rope Climbing, Free Solo Climbing, Deep Water Losing Climbing, Bouldering Climbing, Alpine Climbing, Ice Climbing, etc.

Rock Climbing in Sikkim

Sikkim is a small state in India, which is located in the northeastern part of a country region of India the number of Rock climbing in Sikkim offers an exciting and adventurous opportunity to the sport with climbs suitable for both novices and experts.

1. Gangtok East Sikkim 1,650. Meters 4 hour’s drive from NJP/ Bagdogra Airport. 130.km Via NH Way.

2. Namachi south Sikkim 1,320. Meters 4 hour’s drive from NJP/ Bagdogra Airport. 105.km Via NH Way.

3. Yuksom west Sikkim 1780.meters 7 hour’s drive from NJP/ Bagdogra Airport. 155.km Via NH Way.